Abstraction and Old Masters.

Recently the Alaska Artists Guild asked me to run a small workshop over two evenings on abstraction. I’ve worked from Old Master paintngs - drawn from them for years - so decided to use several from the Renaissance as the starting point. A small group but some strong wor produced in a short time period.

Teaching, University of Aaska Anchorage

Fortunate to now be in my second semester at the University of Alaska Anchorage, teaching two Beginning Drawing (ART 105) classes as well as a class on Color Theory (ART 112). Great bunch of students: hard-working and engaged; enthusiastic, who listen to advice and put it into practice. Getting them ready incrementally for life drawing later this month.

ACEs mural project.

Anchorage-based painter and university teaching colleague Steve Gordon asked me to participate in this project, one that dealt with resiliance and trauma after adverse childhood experiences. Twenty artists (including fifteen of his painting students working in teams of five) produced seven large six by ten foot screens about the subject. We talked to one individual and then produced a piece of work that reflected therir experience and recovery. In my case I chose to focus on that aspect, recovery, the hope and joy it can bring, the importance of my subject’s daughter to her ongoing and continuing sobreity.

The final event was hosted by the Alaska Children’s Trust at Spenard’s Church of Love (also the location of my studio) with pieces then going on to Juneau, the Anchorage municipal building and elsewhere to promote awareness of this issue.

Campbell Creek Elementary

A one day project through Anchorage School District's "Northern Journeys" program. Three hours of work time, Dawn Wilcox's second grade students completing a four by eight foot project about the four seasons in Alaska

Spenard Art Camp

Linda Lyons, my wife and creative partner, and I have wanted to set up a regular art camp for some time; this will be the first of many more to come for ages 7-11. Linda concentrated on painting and drawing: plants, birds and the Alaskan coastal landscape. I had the children make animal masks and then a painting - their animal's habitat - to wear. Becky Kendall of Momentum Dance Collective worked with the students on movement relating to their critter.

Our thanks to Candace Blas and Cook Inlet Housing Authority for helping facilitate this and for using the Church of Love to do so. [Photos by Linda Infante Lyons, Tasha Pineda and Lee Post.]

New studio, Spenard, AK.

Artist-in-residency, Razdolna, AK

A two-week residency at one of Alaska's Russian-speaking "Old Believer" villages. Great students, fantastic staff and a badly pot-holed road, well, logging track, in. Subject-matter was the local environment and marine life. Some of the artwork was displayed just after the residency at Homer's Bunnell Street Art Center. My thanks to Asia Freeman and the Bunnell for running and funding this experience for me.


Linda and I have wandered around the Ship Creek area of Anchorage (the city's original founding place) for three years always with cameras. We decided to invite three other artists/photographers to visit the area, react to it and then produce a small body of works each. The result was Epicenter that was exhibited In September through December at the Alaska Humanities Forum, itself located in Ship Creek. Images here are from the install before completion. My thanks to Dean Potter for the article in the Alaska Humanities Forum magazine (pages 10-15).


Spenard Fluxus

As part of the Spenards Fluxus project,  a project overseen by Chad Taylor with ArtPlace funding administered by Cook Inlet Housing Authority, I was asked to produce a project that would utilise the steel cubby holes in place at the front of a reclaimed church on Spenard Road, Anchorage. The result was Spitter, a low tech interective version of Twitter for Spenard residents: over-sized scrabble blocks and emojis for public use.



Linda and I painted a dumpster each as part of a pilot project with the Anchorage Downtown Partnership and the Anchorage Municipality. These painted dumpsters are now deployed in the community of Mountain View. Many thanks to the Anchorage Artist's Co-op for allowing us to use their space to complete them.

Post cards to Alaska

A mail art show I curated with the intention of acting both as a fundraiser for the International Gallery of Contemporary Art but to hopefully encourage a dialog between artists and makers across the globe about climate change. Nearly two hundred cards from twenty seven countries arrived. Everything was posted snail mail; cards continued to be installed as they arrived whilst the show was open.

A week helping Linda paint a mural in Mountain View on the Latin American Cultural Center, a collaboration with the Anchorage Community Land Trust with a generous grant from the Atwood Foundation.

"After Breughal's Netherlandish Proverbs", a short residency at Dimond High School, Anchorage with art teacher Les Matz and his advanced painting students. 

Two forest denizens produced by students at Williwaw Elementary school, Anchorage, borrowed and photographed here in the studio. Thirteen years old, a little faded but still in the school. These were produced as part of a room-sized installation of a rainforest complete with tunnels, canopy, several life-sized critters and flocks of birds flying through.

Chinook Elementary, Anchorage. Murals in the school's multipurpose room and a life-sized bear the student's made as part of the residency.